contractsK& M Communications Corp. can provide optical cabling services at competitive rates.

Outstanding return on investment…If you install this fiber now it will support new technology in the future…saving you from constantly upgrading. Alleviates interrupted productivity, additional labor charges, etc. ie “future-proofing”. We will design and forecast our customers’ needs to ensure they are completely set up and satisfied over an extended period of time.

  • Rely on pre-terminated and plug-and-play connectivity to improve infrastructure, flexibility and minimize installation time.
  • Data centers today must be flexible & scalable, designed for fast deployments and updated.
  • Leviton data center solutions can help connect additional servers quickly and efficiently from fast turnaround to customized systems built for faster installation.
  • We install an infrastructure that can support 10GB, 40GB
  • Capabilities to design:
  • 8 strands of fiber to get to 40GB
  • 24 strands fiber


As companies are making more regular data center upgrades and tech refreshes, they are also thinking more strategically, building clear data center road maps and budgets. Smart infrastructure planning requires keeping capital and operating expenditures in check and having detailed estimates of total cost
of ownership. “


K & M will help you spend your money smart, paying for your future today. Furthermore, the ROI (return on investment) will be obvious.

We offer fully insured and licensed end to end fiber optic services for commercial fiber optic cable installations.


  • Single mode and Multimode (OM3,OM4 and 62.5/125)
  • Loose and Central tube optical cable
  • Fiber optic terminations ( Field Terminated and Pre-Terminated)
  • Fusion and mechanical splicing
  • Testing and certifications
  • Fiber tray
  • Raceway
  • Fiber inner duct
  • Aerial fiber optic Installation
  • OSP (Outside Plant)
  • Between Buildings and Direct Burial
  • Fiber Patch panels
  • Cable Management
  • Transceivers and Media Translators
  • Fiber to the desk top

We are certified by multiple manufacturers, the installation is warranted to meet specification.

K & M Communications Corp. can deliver the best solution for your application needs now and into the future.

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